I just lately examine an editorial stating that although Keyboards are principally applied  with personal computer DAW’s, (Electronic Audio Workstations) most musician users are in actual fact guitarists. Even so, for me it really is one other way round as my difficulty as a keyboard participant has become my lack of ability to report guitar tracks, due to my deficiency of talent to be a guitarist. As Keyboard systems are acquiring constantly, the Guitar voices on fashionable instruments are sounding far more and much more authentic. Nevertheless, these voices however do slide brief of the authentic detail particularly when it involves Guitar Rock solos.

Fortunately, with all the arrival of outstanding guitar application plug-ins and consequences I can, with cautious programming and canny utilization of the pitch and modulation wheels, use my keyboard to supply some really convincing guitar tracks when i am composing songs or creating backing tracks.

Sensible application for ‘live’ operate

Applying a computer on phase is impractical, so how am i able to adapt these new observed techniques in my ‘live’ perform – and why must I would like to anyway? The answer is electric Guitar Effects Pedals.

But initially, let us search within the Keyboard player’s good deal.

Palms up all those Keyboard Players who may have struggled through a gig, to get heard around the Guitarist, whose only goal in life is to make your ears bleed.

Yep, assumed so.

Also, having to give piano, strings, brass, second lead etcetera., we tend to sense a bit unappreciated once the guitarist only needs to play a single energy chord for the many males in the venue to roll up there eyes in ecstasy, and begin playing ‘Air Guitar’. Don’t get me incorrect, I’ve labored with a few amazing guitarists, but I’ve also labored with a few whose only notion of balance, is just not slipping off the stage while fully squandered. So, again to my initial problem – why would I adapt my new ‘keyboard/guitar’ capabilities for are living work?

No Band. No Guitarist

In my case, I also participate in like a soloist or with a further musician inside of a duo. Equally of those combinations have got a rock influence, and as a result, each individual needs those guitar licks and solos – but I haven’t got a guitarist. So I’ve programmed my keyboard to mail the Keyboard guitar voices out by way of an assignable spare output and also have linked that to your Guitar Multi-effects Pedal.

Quite a few Keyboards now have spare audio output jacks that enable you to definitely patch any voice on your own keyboard by way of that output. This nicely separates that voice with the keyboards usual stereo output. I take advantage of a Yamaha Tyros for most of my stay get the job done, and My Korg M3 also has a chance to assign voices individually. By making use of a multi-effects pedal I have a wealth of Guitar results voices at hand, and by connecting to some individual channel(s) within the PA the improved atmosphere and dynamics of your guitar sound is significantly improved to amazing impact. Definitely, you could utilize a distinct solitary Consequences Pedal alternatively – e.g. Compressor or Overdrive pedal – to equally excellent influence. But individually I might choose the Multi-Effects Pedal.

The kinds of Keyboard Guitar Voices I exploit are typically the straight acoustic guitar voices which modify properly along with the Effect Pedal. I also utilize the clear electrical guitar sounds at the same time, which happen to be also very efficient. Experimentation would be the important.

When taking part in, make excellent usage of your pitch and modulation wheels to imitate those people pitch bends and vibrato strategies, and you may before long listen to some pretty convincing sounds – particularly through your solos. I would also include that applying the effects Pedals is not really distinctive on your Guitar sounds. Assigning other voices throughout the pedal can create some excellent benefits way too. As an example, try out the Hammond Organ audio with some distortion consequences on your own pedal – WOW – Deep Purple man. I realize that all keyboards have their very own inbuilt DSP (Electronic Sign Processor) outcomes that you just can utilize on your internal voices, but diverting that audio individually through your PA via the effects Pedal is admittedly cool.

So, using my new observed studio abilities has now resulted in a few excellent sounding stay Guitar solos.


At a the latest gig I had my very first ‘air guitar’ player. Certainly fellow ‘Keyboardists’, when taking part in the guitar solo to Slim Lizzys’ Whiskey in the Jar, I appeared around see a guy – legs aside, eyes rolled up, really standing in front of me ‘THE KEYBOARD PLAYER’, playing Air Guitar.

I had lastly turn into a Guitar Hero. Effectively, the euphoria lasted just about until lunch the following day.

The thing is; as being a Keyboard player, have I marketed out? Do I even treatment?

Owning an ego as massive as any band member (certainly, even the drummer), my answer has bought to be. ‘Darn it – if it works, don’t knock it’.

For those who are interested in more information about Electric Guitar Consequences Pedals there is a fantastic website which describes a number of the several forms of Guitar Consequences Pedals and which also capabilities YouTube videos which demonstrates these a variety of consequences in action.

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